Coworking has evolved since its inception in 2005 when software engineer Brad Neuberg launched the first coworking space to meet his own needs as an entrepreneur.

Today, coworking is a solution not just for budding entrepreneurs and early-stage startups, but also for established enterprises and mature business. As technology advancement and global connectedness continue to change the business landscape, here are 7 coworking trends we expect to see take hold now:

  • Smarter, more efficient use of space. In earlier days, establishing who held responsibility for on-premise resources was sticky. Did responsibility lie with the company that owns the space? Or did it lie with the professionals who worked there? Well, that often depended on who you asked and opened the door to some finger-pointing about who was responsible for doing menial tasks, like turning off the lights or safeguarding building security.
    Thanks to advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT), coworking spaces can enhance connectivity and improve security by giving individual users control through their smart devices.
  • Increased community engagement. Savvy business leaders know community outreach is essential to their business for many reasons, and coworking space leaders shouldn’t be any different. Even in-demand coworking spaces can see quieter periods, which make for a great time to open the space to new people and organizations, ushering in several great benefits. For starters, charitable organizations close to home get to enjoy a great space, and for another, coworking professionals get to contribute to a meaningful organization.
    One Denver-based co-working space even hosted a wedding.
  • Specialized services. Coworking spaces are specializing services to focus on a core competency. For example, a technology-focused coworking space may offer technology consulting, staff augmentation, or software development services to accelerate progress for member businesses.
    At HEXA, we offer onsite music studios for members developing podcasts and have a wealth of experience in technology and HR through some of our HEXA stars.
  • Enhanced physical space. As competition increasingly drives coworking spaces to differentiate themselves, many are turning to their aesthetics and ambiance to attract members and unify them as a community. From artwork to spaces that inspire innovation, coworking spaces will continue to bring innovative layouts found less often in their traditional office space counterparts.
    Most coworking spaces (67%) said they offered lounge or break areas in a recent Clutch survey.
    We provide both indoor and outdoor space, encouraging our members to kick back in the break room and replenish with complimentary snacks, coffee, infused water, or tea, and to breathe more deeply in our on-site garden and park area. And if that’s a little too peaceful, members can also hit up our PlayStation, ping-pong and pool table, or mini-golf for a little friendly competition.
  • Cross-company collaboration. Much emphasis has been placed on the value of networking coworking can bring, but coworking can also enrich your business by growing a community of experts – who may serve as valuable consultants as much as valued business connections. You’ll have a chance to return the favor by adding your expertise and experience to others in the coworking space as well.
  • A focus on health. Traditional offices, with their cubicle rows and vending machines, are seldom celebrated for being champions of health. But some coworking spaces are embracing the need to focus on the whole person, and offering services like our on-site garden, mediation rooms, and gym access to ensure member’s spiritual and emotional needs are met just as much as their physical need to work.
    Already, 39% of spaces said they offered some kind of gym, and 58% offered a kitchen according to the Clutch survey.

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