Business Bridge

Join the Corporate Business Bridge Initiative and Foster Local Innovation

Corporate Sponsorships are available at HEXA and are key to energizing the local economy and laying the groundwork for transformative business relationships that benefit the community and the broader corporate landscape.

By participating in the Business Bridge program, corporations demonstrate their commitment to entrepreneurial growth, ensuring that the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex startup scene is vibrant and sustainable. This commitment can take various forms, from mentorship and resource-sharing to direct sponsorship and service integration, all aimed at empowering the visionaries who drive local innovation.

This initiative represents a strategic investment in the future of local business, with corporations acting as stewards of innovation, accelerating the journey of startups from ideation to industry presence. It’s an opportunity for corporate entities to contribute to a legacy of growth, innovation, and success within the local entrepreneurial fabric.

Interested in Business Bridge as a Corporate Sponsor?

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