Startup Springboard

Nurture Your Business with Immersive Learning

HEXA’s Startup Springboard is an immersive and comprehensive initiative designed to accelerate the growth and success of emerging startups and small businesses. By providing a blend of resources, education, and invaluable networking opportunities, the program ensures that your business dreams are nurtured and primed for competitive success in the modern business landscape.

Program Highlights

Educational Workshops

Learn from industry experts, covering vital startup skills, including marketing, financial planning, tech integration, and more.

Pitch Days

Present your business ideas to a panel of potential investors and seize the opportunity to gain invaluable feedback and potential funding avenues.

Startup Advice Roundtables

Access expert advice on securing funding and navigating investment landscapes.

Legal and Compliance Seminars

Navigating the legal landscape of startups, from incorporation to intellectual property rights.

Interactive Seminars

Learn how to develop and refine your business model for maximum efficiency and market impact.

Startup Profiles

Future Solve

Offers high-quality advisory services and people technology for HR and business leaders.


World-class technology and IT staffing partner. See how our innovative software solutions and IT professionals empower companies.

Tasty Paella

Creates captivating, delicious, world-class food, Chef Adan’s creations bring authentic flavor. Focusing on traditional Spanish cuisine, including paella and tapas.


Online hub for healthcare service providers to connect with patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Hera Apex

A multi-platform consulting firm specializing in custom business solutions with innovative technologies.

Education Unbound

Nonprofit that prepares underserved students to flourish by providing integrated learning experiences, social-emotional support, and refinement of 21st-century skills.

O’Connor Construction Management

Learn how to develop and refine your business model for maximum efficiency and market impact.

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Share Your Knowledge with a Captive Audience

Are you an industry expert with valuable insights and experiences? HEXA is seeking knowledgeable professionals to present their wisdom at our facility. This is an exceptional opportunity to engage with a dynamic audience of emerging entrepreneurs who are also prospective customers for you. Contact us today to discuss becoming a valued contributor to our entrepreneurial ecosystem.