Dedicated Desk

Dedicated desks make it easier for you and your team to maintain high levels of productivity and a sense of ownership over your space inside our facility.

Pick up and leave off where you were. Having dedicated desks is fundamental to promoting long-term productivity and creating a strong sense of responsibility among your team. By allocating specific work areas, you can improve individual concentration and establish a collaborative atmosphere where everyone is committed to the shared professional space.

Dedicated Desk Benefits

A Dedicated Desk offers the consistency of a reserved spot that you can make your own, while also granting you access to the communal amenities and professional atmosphere of HEXA. It’s designed for freelancers, remote workers, and entrepreneurs who benefit from a regular, exclusive desk space to focus on their projects.

  1. Full-time receptionist
  2. Physical mailing address and mail services on-site
  1. Cleaning Services
  2. Community and event managers on staff
  1. Answering services
Price Per Month