Global Locations

Hexa is a global network that provides flexible workspaces to boost creativity and promote networking. With offices on multiple continents, professionals can choose from diverse environments that can help them achieve their goals.

Join HEXA at our various worldwide locations. Our commitment to growth and development is reflected in our extensive network of branches across the globe. HEXA is dedicated to fostering continuous growth.


MENA Region (Lebanon)

Global Access Benefits

HEXA’s Global Access is designed for international companies seeking a U.S. presence. It’s an ideal solution for global firms needing a professional base in the United States, ensuring they have access to fully-equipped workspaces and local networking opportunities whenever they are in town. This service provides a U.S. address and a hub for operations, to help foster international business growth.

  1. Free Wi-Fi
  2. Access to Community Events
  3. Optional Answering Services
  1. Unlimited Coffee
  2. Partnership Discounts
  3. Inclusion in HEXA’s Internal/External Directory
  1. Physical Mailing Address
  2. Optional Landline Phone Services