Reserve the Fitness Center

Our Fitness Center is your go-to destination for team-building events, exclusive private workout sessions, or calming group yoga. Whatever your focus is, our space is adaptable to your needs.

Why Choose the HEXA Fitness Center?

Spacious and Versatile

3,500 square feet, offering lots of room for a wide range of activities and events.

Hydro Massage Chair

Forum for sharing, learning, and growth, where our network of business-savvy mentors guide aspiring innovators in their entrepreneurial journey.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

From weights to treadmills, our center is equipped with well-maintained equipment to suit all your fitness needs.

Convenient Amenities

Fully-equipped lockers and shower facilities, to ensure your comfort and convenience during your function.

Group Workouts and Yoga

deal for group fitness sessions, high-energy workouts, yoga classes and so much more.

Team Building Events

Foster teamwork and camaraderie in a unique setting that encourages health and wellness.