Our Story

Maan and Weeda Hamdan, the founders of HEXA coworking and active investors in over 40 companies, share a passion for creating a unique and collaborative workspace that transcends traditional boundaries. Maan, an accomplished engineer, brings his technical expertise to the table, laying the foundation for HEXA’s innovative and functional design. His commitment to precision and efficiency is reflected in the seamless integration of technology within HEXA’s workspaces, providing members with cutting-edge solutions tailored to their needs.

Weeda, a designer and artist, infuses HEXA with a vibrant and creative energy. Her artistic flair is evident in the thoughtfully curated aesthetics of each workspace, fostering an inspiring environment for collaboration and innovation. Weeda’s dedication to merging functionality with artistic expression is a hallmark of HEXA’s design philosophy, creating spaces that not only enhance productivity but also stimulate creativity.

In 2016, Maan and Weeda founded Education Unbound, a nonprofit focused on expanding education in underprivileged communities, with an emphasis on STEAM and future high-demand skills. This endeavor reflected his commitment to giving back and shaping future generations.

Together, Maan and Weeda have created a coworking community that goes beyond the conventional. Their combined skills and passion have shaped HEXA into a dynamic hub where professionals from diverse backgrounds converge to collaborate, create, and thrive. The story of HEXA is a testament to the power of synergy between engineering precision and artistic ingenuity, a blend that continues to propel HEXA coworking to new heights in the realm of collaborative workspaces.

HEXA Coworking is a 50,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art office and conference facility in Richardson, which serves as a nurturing space for emerging companies. The building reflects Maan and Weeda’s commitment to sustainability. It is equipped with a solar farm that significantly reduces its carbon footprint and offsets greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to over 650,000 miles driven by an average car each year.

Looking ahead, Maan and Weeda’s goals are threefold: driving their companies to successful exits, enhancing the DFW metroplex’s tech ecosystem in collaboration with local entities, and expanding access to STEAM education to underserved communities.