Our testimonials speak volumes. People are praising the inspiring atmosphere, comprehensive amenities, and vibrant community that make HEXA a place where productivity and pleasure blend seamlessly.

Amazing space to work. Incredible atmosphere, amenities, support, and staff. Always a smile on my face working here and being a part of this community. Having an office that doesn’t even make you feel like you’re working is hard to come by.

– Emily H.

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon in this exceptional coworking space while visiting Dallas. This space is truly inspirational and the heart of each organization pulses through it. They’ve designed a gorgeous, comfortable, and conveniently flexible space

– Valerie W.

There’s a working space for a variety of needs, all in one place! Office space, conference rooms, booths, desks, quiet rooms, conference space…even an on-site DELICIOUS fresh restaurant and huge kitchen/lounge area.

– Marissa R.

HEXA is truly more than just a coworking building, it’s a place where companies come together to support one another with access to mentors, investors, and more… Not to mention the amazing online community platform you get to join. I highly recommend officing here.

– Andy N.

This place was great! I was coming into town for one night for a client meeting and couldn’t find anywhere to rent a conference room for a few hours on a Sunday. This place is large and had lots of availability. Gaining access was very high-tech but easy.

– Jolie M.

The HEXA co-working spaces in Richardson, Texas represents innovative thinking, inspires collaboration, and is a fun and welcoming environment to kick off your new start-up or house your business more permanently. The team at HEXA is world-class.

– Philip R.

HEXA Co-working is truly one of a kind. You feel that there is a better energy here than other places. There is no other place to find a better value considering the resources and amenities you have access to here. This facility and ecosystem is an entrepreneur’s dream.

– Evan O.

HEXA is a very intentionally created space to support a holistic personal, professional and community experience. The space is aesthetically beautiful and well-designed. The walls are adorned with original pieces of art, fountain, aquarium, outdoor space, and much more.

– Nida G.

What a great facility! Modern, clean, open, and sunny with every amenity you could want. I love coming to work here and interacting with so many friendly people all more than happy to help and collaborate. The energy is incredible! This facility has it all.

– Ryan B.

This is an amazing place to spend your workday. The renovated building is beautiful, and the amenities are by far the best I have ever seen in a coworking space. They provide a really great balance of perks for a productive yet relaxing workday. The gym and coffee lounge are my favorite!

– Emily H.