Day Pass

Indoor or outdoor, sitting or standing, in a quiet corner: however you like to work, HEXA has a space perfectly tailored for you any time on any day.

This co-working arrangement provides you with the flexibility to work in diverse areas within the HEXA complex and enjoy a range of amenities, all without the need for any long-term commitment.

Day Pass Benefits

A Day Pass provides short-term access to our coworking environment. It’s ideal for professionals needing a productive workspace for a day. This pass allows usage of the common areas, desks, and essential office amenities. Perfect for those in transit or needing a change from the home office.

  1. Free Wi-Fi
  2. Access to Community Events
  3. Optional Answering Services
  1. Unlimited Coffee
  2. Partnership Discounts
  3. Inclusion in HEXA’s Internal/External Directory
  1. Physical Mailing Address
  2. Optional Landline Phone Services

Price Per Day