Aside from championing your cause, keeping costs down is likely a key focus for your nonprofit. Using a Coworking for non-profit can be one of the best ways to extend your budget and realize some real benefits at the same time. 

Here are 10 reasons why your non-profit can thrive in a coworking space

  1. Reduce your overhead. In a shared space, business equipment like copy machines and printers are part of the deal, leaving one less overhead cost for your organization to fund. As an added bonus, the technology tends to be cutting edge, which means your staff isn’t trying to manage with the cheapest technology available with coworking packages for non-profit businesses.
  2. Enjoy flexibility. Things can change quickly in the nonprofit world, and you may need to suddenly expand or downsize with little notice. In a coworking space, your organization will only pay for the services and space you need, even if that scales up and down over time. At HEXA shared office space for non-profit in Richardson, we offer multiple options, from part-time space to full private suites to meet your needs in times of growth and leaner times. 
  3. Improve your look. Limited budgets don’t generally lend themselves to impressive office spaces, but with a coworking space, you can enjoy a modern office space with amenities sure to impress donors, partners, and volunteers as soon as they walk in the door. For example, you can host a volunteer orientation in one of our conference rooms, or thank donors over a cup of coffee in our garden.
  4. Lean on an established support network. Eliminate the administrative support services that can take your staff away from key tasks by leaning on reception and administrate support services.
  5. Expand your network. One of the best perks of a coworking space is the people inside them. Unlike traditional office space, your staff can make connections during the workday (not just in the elevator) with potential partners, vendors, service providers, or sponsors that can help you further your mission with workspace for non-profits.
  6. Spark happiness. In a recent survey, 89% of people said they were happier since joining a coworking space, and 83% said they are less lonely. Coworking can boost a sense of community and cut down on the negative health factors associated with loneliness.
  7. Inspire your staff. Coworking can also provide the kind of work environment that balances a calm atmosphere with a stimulating environment – helping your staff hone in on their work. The same survey found more than 90 percent of people said they were more engaged and motivated when coworking and nearly 70 percent said they felt more successful.
  8. Use a legit mailing address. For early-stage non-profits, making the move from an unofficial passion process to a full-fledged nonprofit requires a mailing address, which can be tricky to set up in a home office. But in a coworking space, your organization can enjoy an established mailing address – even if you aren’t in the office every day.
  9. Prime locations. You can find shared offices in many locations, and assessing the surrounding area for its benefits is an important step as well. Your proximity to public transportation, restaurants, and cafes can help recruit staff and makes setting up an offsite meeting even easier. Our members have the advantage of an easy commute to the airport or nearly anywhere in the DFW metroplex, not to mention the convenience of the restaurants popping up in the emerging Richardson Innovation District cheap office space for non-profit.
  10. Professional development events. Your staff can benefit from topics covering branding, social media, content marketing, Internet security, website development, productivity, and well-being the can enhance them as professionals and help to elevate your organization. 

Are you ready to elevate your nonprofit?
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