Now that we have settled in a “new normal” brought on by the COVID19 pandemic, companies and employees are embracing the idea that some work can be done from anywhere. However, technology can never replace the chemistry that happens face-to-face when interacting with people. 

In 2022, flexible coworking spaces and shared offices are poised to rebound strongly as demand for a flexible working environment soars.  This is because coworking spaces are revolutionizing this flexibility that so many are embracing. We have configured 4 coworking space trends and benefits that will impact businesses in 2022:

1. The Rise of a Corporate Coworking Community

Businesses are now using coworking spaces to decentralize work environments and support employees who want to work closer to home. This trend will continue to increase as companies redesign the idea of a “traditional office” to meet social distancing guidelines and struggle to return to maximum capacity. 

Coworking spaces create a relaxed environment that companies easily love because of the emotional connections they have developed. Even before the pandemic hit, large corporations and businesses were taking advantage of coworking spaces to accommodate remote teams. When company employees become members of a coworking space in Dallas they have access to more opportunities for networking, forming friendships, developing partnerships, and increased collaboration.

2. Health-Focused Working Environments

As members of coworking spaces spend a significant amount of time in the facility,  it goes without saying that everything they touch should be central to quality, safety, health, and well-being. This has only become more relevant with the continuing pandemic The coworking space is becoming a center of growth and community that strives to provide all the services that members may need during the day. These items may include:

  • Office cleaning
  • Personal assistant
  • Day passes
  • Office maintenance 

And these are just a few!

3. Flexible Leasing Terms

Flexible leasing will continue to change the game for small and medium-sized coworking spaces. When businesses are looking to reinvent their working environment strategy during times of economic uncertainty, flexible shared office space offers a viable alternative to long-term commercial leasing. As this trend continues, more and more business professionals are choosing to join flexible coworking spaces over long-term commercial rentals for a variety of reasons. 

At HEXA Coworking, our most flexible shared office space is powered by a monthly subscription fee that can be easily tailored to your growth milestones based on your business needs. As your business grows, flexible rentals make it easy to add office space or move from a flexible shared office space to a larger one.

4. Innovation and Design

Companies and entrepreneurs have high expectations for coworking spaces. They expect to be offered the most cutting-edge and innovative solutions and amenities to help cope with workload, stress, and overall productivity challenges. 

In 2022, we will see more diverse coworking models that embrace an innovative and modern design. These innovation and design updates will go beyond what currently exists, especially for coworking spaces in Dallas, like HEXA Coworking.

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