You’ve just secured an exciting opportunity: a conference poised to launch your professional life to the next level. But instead of celebrating the success, you may be wracking your brain, wondering, where to book a meeting room for the conference?

Take a deep breath, because we have you covered. Here, we’ll examine a few options for conference room rentals, as well as highlight four critical considerations to examine before you make your choice.

Where can I Rent a Meeting Room?

For startups operating on stringent budgets or smaller remote teams not located near a corporate office, carving out space to host conferences or larger meetings can be challenging. But conferences bring valuable networking opportunities and can strengthen a brand’s position as a thought leader in the industry when they’re done right. Even if your business name isn’t on the outside of the building, you still have several options for finding a great meeting spot, including:

  • Local library. Local library branches often have a community gathering you can reserve in advance, but be sure to understand any restrictions around food or beverages.
  • A community center or chamber of commerce. Renting a community center or chamber of commerce space may not be free of charge, but it may come at a reduced cost if you’re a member.
  • A restaurant’s banquet room. You’ll need to plan to pick up the tab if you’re hosting, but a restaurant space can provide a more relaxed environment as people gather over a meal or appetizers.
  • A hotel conference room. Not only does a hotel provide the conference space, but they’ll often provide staffing support as well to help with refreshments.
  • A coworking space. With a coworking space that offers flexible options, members can often opt into renting a larger space only for as long as they need it. For example, with our Fully Fledged Hexan option, HEXA members have a pre-set number of hours they can book conference rooms for.

Four Critical Considerations Before you Select a Conference Room
While cost is a key factor to consider in your decision, you also want to keep in mind that as the host of a meeting or conference room, your space sets the tone for your event and tells a story about your brand. Sometimes, that alone is worth a little extra investment. Here are four critical things to consider:

  1. What kind of ambiance does your room need to have?
    • If you’re hosting clients or prospective clients, it’s crucial to convey professionalism.
    • You should also consider whether it will be important you can serve food and drinks. For example, a meeting scheduled for 8 hours is likely to have some pretty low-energy attendees if all they’ve been served is water.
    • What kind of media need to be readily available? If presenters have PowerPoint decks to share, you’ll need to make sure the room will allow everyone to see.
    • Is the size of the room appropriate to the size of the meeting? Room size can be a bit of a Goldilocks problem – a meeting room too small for the crowd can feel overwhelming and uncomfortable, but a meeting room too large for the crowd can make your event feel underattended, or make acoustics odd.
  2. Is your meeting space easy to access?
    • Geographically speaking, are you centrally located in your city to allow easy access no matter where your clients or colleagues are coming from?
    • Is the space convenient to public transportation or easy to find parking?

    You’ll want attendees to arrive on time and relaxed, and making sure logistics are easy is an easy way to support that.

  3. What does the actual meeting room cost?

    Don’t sign anything without understanding the real bottom line. For example, a restaurant event space may seem like a steal until your colleagues order 3 rounds and leave you with a hefty bill from drinks. Some locations also bury fees, so be sure to understand potentially hidden fees, which can include:

    • Set up and take down fees
    • Power access
    • Taxes
    • Services
    • Tips
  4. What does the facility provide?

    Understanding amenities go hand in hand with understanding real costs. First consider what basics you’ll need to run your conference, including:

    • Wi-Fi access
    • Microphone
    • Projector
    • Video conferencing capabilities
    • Printer

    You’ll want to know if these items are available and if they’re included in the price. You may also need some staffing support on-site, including:

    • Technical support
    • Catering
    • A receptionist to greet guests
How HEXA Conference Room Technology Richardson Tx can Help with Your Meeting Room Needs

Our conference rooms are well-appointed with the cutting-edge technology you need to deliver a polished presentation or facilitate an engaging brainstorming session. We’re located in Richardson’s emerging Innovation District in Richardson, which means it’s easy to get to HEXA’s offices whether you’re coming from Frisco, Dallas, or anywhere else in DFW. And when you and your guests need to take a break, you can allow our garden to invigorate you or get a quick boost from our coffee shop. Come see HEXA for yourself today, and let’s talk about how we can help you host an unforgettable event. Contact to start planning.