Whether you’re leaving behind a monochrome cubicle in a high rise or upgrading from a card table in your living room, moving to a new private office space means a fresh start for your business. Coworking Space or Private Office Space – Which is Better?

But deciding to upgrade is just the first step. You also need to decide whether you want to work in the community coworking space or set up a private office.

Here is where we let you in on a little secret: neither is necessarily better than the other – but one might be better for you.

Coworking Space

While coworking used to be a space that housed only entrepreneurs and remote employees, today about a third of WeWork users are big businesses. Clearly, people are showing up for more than a need to get out of the house. Flexibility, collaboration, and dynamic environments are shaking up the way we work in this century.

Flexibility is a key facet of coworking. And it’s not just the flexible lease options, it’s also the flexibility to determine how much you need. Depending on the coworking facility, members can even enjoy some perks – as the day passes and a physical mailing address – without coming in all that often (At HEXA, we call that the YVO: Your Virtual Office).

You can also forego having a specific desk and work in multiple areas around the facility, which is often a great option if a change of scene can help spark some creativity for your business activities.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling a little less free, you can opt for a membership with a dedicated desk. This provides the reliability of a designated space but still affords the collaboration and interaction some professionals crave in a working environment. And of course, a select few private offices are also available at coworking spaces.

The collaboration in a coworking space is different from a private office: coworking connects professionals across industries, with a wide variety of skillsets, generally from many different organizations, and the possibilities are endless – just ask Spotify and other big names that started in coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces also less expensive, often enabling cash-strapped entrepreneurs or startups the opportunity to affordably find an office space.

Private Office

Private offices are, of course, private.

They allow your business full control of branding and a say in who else can use the space.

For phone-heavy businesses and client meetings, this closely controlled environment can be ideal – but it comes with a hefty premium and a more traditional real estate contract.

Private offices also enable more traditional internal networking, because you’re meeting superiors within your organization in the hallways, and asking coworkers in other departments for help or ideas when you’re stuck.

In some cases, businesses start off in coworking spaces and scale into private offices for the privacy they afford.

Community Coworking Space or Private Office – Which is Better for you?

The good news is your evolving business isn’t stuck with just one solution. But you can ask yourself a few questions to help decide which is better for your business today:

  • Do you need flexibility? Using a coworking space can allow you to decide how often you pop in.
  • Do you need variety? A coworking space option can allow you to work wherever you’d like, keeping your office view dynamic and your inspiration heightened.
  • Do you thrive on regular collaboration and conversation? Working in a community space naturally spurs conversations.
  • Are you on a tight budget? Reserving a private office may come with too high a price tag (for now), but using a coworking space can afford the professional space at an attainable price for many businesses.
  • How will client’s perceive your business if they meet you at a coworking space? If they’ll expect to see your company logo on the building, you may want to opt for a private office.
  • Do dynamic environments inspire or distract you? If a variety of people or access to amenities is distracting, you may want a private office to cut down on distractions in the workday.

Are you still wondering about which route to take for your business? Or are you ready to set up your family pictures on a dedicated desk? Contact us today at info@hexatx.com to tour our space.