Wondering how does virtual office works? Armed with an Internet connection and a laptop, many professionals can work from almost anywhere. And many companies, whether they are small start-ups (or sole proprietorships) or looking to cut overhead on real estate, are taking advantage of that portability and embracing telecommuting and work-from-home jobs. 

But for many entrepreneurs and startups, a home office doesn’t quite cut it – it can be challenging to meet clients and establish legitimacy; however, tight budgets generally can’t accommodate the high price tags that come with a fully dedicated physical space. As a middle ground, many entrepreneurs and business owners are embracing a virtual office as a smart choice to provide an authentic office environment, without the hefty bill. 

What is a virtual office?

Think of a virtual office as a membership to all the bells and whistles of an office. You can access the office space as needed – taking full advantage of fully furnished professional spaces with desks, chairs office equipment, meeting spaces, and a physical address. 

Unlike traditional office spaces where tenants are footing the bill for everything from the lease to the furniture to the heating and internet bills, a virtual office allows renters to pay just for what they use. For example, your business may need to rent a large conference room for one month, and a single desk space the next. Rather than paying for both all the time, you can simply tap into the perks of your virtual office and reserve what you need, as you need it. 

Our YVO (Your Virtual Office) members at HEXA can tap into some of their benefits, like a physical mailing address or service discounts, whether they are in the office or another location. And they can also use the gym to unwind when they are onsite.

What are the benefits of a virtual office?

Let’s be honest: if you’re transitioning from a home office to a virtual office, you’re probably committing to spending a little more than you were before. And while a virtual office is a great cost saver compared to other office options, it’s important to consider the benefits you can realize when you commit to a virtual office, which include:

  • A virtual business address. Not only does this add legitimacy to your business, but it also keeps your personal address off the records for licensing and registration, as well as business listings.
  • Reputation. Inviting a client to meet you at a chic space in a prime location sends a very different message than welcoming him to your home.
  • Receptionist services. Even if you aren’t in the office, you can have someone else overseeing administrative tasks for you.
  • On-demand office space. Setting aside all the bells and whistles, at the end of the day, when you need to show and up and work in an office environment – you can.
  • Established market presence. With a virtual office, you can list a local address and phone number, even if you don’t have a full-time physical location in a new market.
  • Hit the ground running. You can focus on your business, and skip the setup and coordination that comes with opening a new office space. 

5 Questions to ask yourself

Dedicating yourself to getting out of sweatpants and commuting to an office – even if it’s on your terms – might take some careful consideration. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to decide if it’s better to stick with a home office or check out a virtual office:

  1. Can your business grow to meet your long term plans from your home office? Some businesses don’t even require a meeting with clients or hosting, and if you’re not planning to scale, you may be set up working from home.
  2. What are your competitors doing? Although you shouldn’t let your competition drive every business decision, it’s worth taking a look around to see how your closest competitors are approaching an office space. Are you the only one in a home office? Would upgrading to a virtual space gives you a competitive advantage?
  3. Are your services 100% virtual? If some of your services require an office space, it might be advantageous to try a virtual office; if everything is managed from your house already, you might cut out that cost.
  4. Do you need some professional interaction? If you often have watercooler chats with your cat, one of the biggest benefits you may realize from a virtual office is the interaction with the others in the space. Social needs aside, you’ll be interacting with other ambitious professionals in similar situations who can offer a rich support network.
  5. Do you need to separate your professional life from your personal life? Working from a home office, while it undisputedly has its benefits, can also mean interruptions from family members, distractions, and disruptions that can make things difficult. 

Are you looking to take your office space to the next level? Come visit us and see the inspiring environment HEXA has to offer for yourself! Even if you’re not ready to take the plunge and commit full time, our low-cost YVO membership offers allows you to take advantage of the space and still spend some days in your home office. Check it today by visiting www.hexatx.com or contact us at hexa@hexatx.com