Everyone loves coworking benefits because it combines all the best aspects of many working situations, and introduces new value for its members.

If you could cherry-pick all the best things from different working setups, and combine them, wouldn’t you want to? 

In many ways, that’s what coworking is (although it’s also more than that, too!).

Traditional Offices

In the midst of work-from-home-orders, we can all vouch for the benefits of going into the office brings: 

  • A sense of structure 
  • All the necessary equipment 
  • Colleagues to collaborate with 
  • Space designed specifically with working in mind
  • Ample professional spaces to host clients or training

And coworking offers many of the same benefits for entrepreneurs, business owners, or employees:

  • A structured space that separates personal life from home life
  • Cutting-edge equipment and technology
  • Inspiring fellow members with an array of expertise
  • Space designing specifically to cultivate collaboration and enhance productivity
  • Ability to reserve conference rooms
Home Offices

While establishing work-life balance can be tricky working from home, a home office does provide greater flexibility, easy access to methods for combating stress relief, and an easier ability to scale time at the office up or down as needed.

Coworking spaces also enable flexibility, not necessary from folding your laundry on a conference call, but with memberships crafted to meet specific business needs, whether that’s a desk with your name on it every day, or the occasion space to drop in when you need some headspace. And while you can’t crawl into bed to take a nap and escape a crushingly bad, you can enjoy a nap room, take deep breaths in a garden, or hit the gym to release some stress.

Coffee Shops
Putting aside all the obvious jokes about good coffee as a key differentiator for coworking spaces, working from a coffee shop provides employees with a motivating (albeit noisy at times) environment, an opportunity to socialize, and a more relaxed environment. They can serve as a place to shake things up if you’re stuck or to meet clients or teammates for a more relaxed meeting. 

Coworking spaces offer that same ability to mix things up, with a variety of common and individual areas intentionally designed to support collaboration or heads-down work, depending on what you need at that moment. You’d also be hard-pressed to find a coworking space with a stuffy atmosphere – not only do they look cool, but they’re filled with cool people, who are motivated to work hard, innovate, and drive their businesses, which only adds to the ambiance. 

Coworking – All that and…

On top of combining many of the best parts of other working situations, coworking spaces also add value with incubators and accelerators for start-ups, offer rich networking opportunities, and prioritize integrating with the community.
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