A quick search for top coworking spaces in Texas will flood your computer screen with hubs in Austin, Texas, now hailed as the “start-up mecca of America,” according to CNBC. But other growing Texas cities – like Dallas – shouldn’t be overlooked in a search for the best coworking spaces in Texas. Dallas, which was ranked 17th in a recent Surge Cities index, for its rapid job growth, limited regulations, and “thriving start-up scene,” is also a key player in entrepreneurship today.

And in fact, the whole state of Texas topped WalletHub’s 2019 list of best states to start a business in for the second year running, thanks to its business incentives and outstanding small business growth. Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas are all offering up cutting-edge coworking spaces, well-evolved past some cool décor and a high-speed Internet connection.

Businesses are thriving in Texas, and many are turning to coworking spaces for the flexibility and dynamic environments they can offer. Here, we look at some of the top coworking spaces.

  1. Soma Vida. Fairygodboss.com shouts out Soma Vida for a similar focus on mental and physical health at this Austin-based coworking space. With onsite health and wellness practitioners, acupuncture, family therapy, and healing workshops, this female-owned operation looks after well-being.
    Cost: The team coworking membership, which includes 4 team members and unlimited coworking access between business hours starts at $295/month; private offices through the partner membership start at $845.
  2. Reset. For a tasty twist on coworking, we like the restaurant-based Reset, which allows members to select from several locations around Austin to host meetings in several restaurant spaces. Happy hour specials are included; costs are not available on the website.
  3. Common Desk. With 7 locations around Dallas, Common Desk covers most of the Dallas area and has earned a reputation for providing all necessary amenities including mail service, reception, conference rooms, and open access to food. A flexible pricing structure also enables members to select what works best for them.
    Cost: Dedicated desks start at $450/month; private offices at $550
  4. Genius Den. For a trendier vibe, social space, and incubator support, entrepreneurs can also look to Dallas-based Genius Den. Complete with a coffee, wine, and beer bar, Genius Den also offers up its rooftop space for events or parties.
    Cost: Dedicated desks start at $400/month; private offices at $1,000
  5. Geekdom. The massive Geekdom takes up 44,000 sq. feet of coworking space in San Antonio, and with its central location, has been home to many businesses since 2014. Mentors help motivate and train members with periodic training and workshop opportunities.
    Cost: Community membership starts at $50/month; Military membership for active military, veterans, or spouses starts at $25/month.
  6. Venture X. Members of Venture X tend to range from start-up to Fortune 500 employees, all looking for a professional environment, and capitalizing on the high tech meeting rooms and large capacity for hosting (up to 100 people, according to CoWorking Mag).
    Cost: Dedicated desks start at $275/month; private offices at $625
  7. WeWork. This national coworking space tops the Fairygodboss charts in Houston for its newly opened location in Texas’ largest city. With 24/7 access and a wealth of networking events and workshops, WeWork offers access to professionals in a wide range of industries.
    Cost: Dedicated desks start at $410/month; private offices at $550.
  8. HEXA. We think HEXA is one of the best spaces because we understand entrepreneurs since we’ve been entrepreneurs. Our integrated innovation ecosystem, based in Dallas, combines the benefits of a startup incubator, accelerator, and coworking environment with complementary services to nourish, the mind, body, and spirit. HEXA looks after the whole employee. And, our members can choose from a variety of membership options, ensuring each businesses’ unique needs are met.
    Cost: Dedicated desks start at $450/month; private offices at $750

In a vibrant business landscape like Texas, coworking spaces have to offer better support for their members than just slick office décor. The best coworking spaces provide stimulating, professional spaces, cutting-edge business services and technology, hands-on support for entrepreneurs, and a well-rounded experience to enhance members’ well-being from both a professional and personal perspective.

What is the HEXA difference?
Texas-based business professionals have a variety of excellent options when it comes to coworking spaces. But don’t settle for enticing perks alone. HEXA can provide fun value adds like free coffee, workout facilities, and a Zen garden space alongside a rich support team of seasoned entrepreneurs with expertise ranging from marketing to IT to general entrepreneurship. Don’t take our word for it – come see for yourself. Schedule a tour today, or check to tell us what you need in your coworking space at info@hexatx.com.